Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing
is defined as...

... the methods to design and produce.

New and competitive techniques in traditional design and production are used. Innovative technologies are also emerging. In both cases, manufacturing processes are “advanced” when production and design skills are the most efficient and when they accelerate the related performance of other processes. Advanced Manufacturing has the potential to improve the quality of our life. Colorado's definition and overview of this industry.

Key Sub-sectors

How Colorado Accelerates its Advanced Manufacturing Industry-
Principles We Use to Meet Workforce Needs

  1. Advanced Manufacturers in both small businesses and large corporations lead the identification of its industry's needed skills and competencies before separate decisions are made as "helps" by instutions and grants.

  2. Community colleges and technical institutions are instrumental to polishing and aligning their offerings to Advanced Manufacturing industries' talent needs in Colorado.

  3. Career roadmaps draw pictures for all students, parents and counselors of possibilities in this industry.

  4. Data and feedback only work when benchmarked.

  5. Collaborative and shared communication among significant players maximizes Advanced Manufacturing development. Shared re-branding works.

  6. Regional maps illustrating "real time" job openings, internships, industry certificate programs and middle and high school academic programs which build Advanced Manufacturing tend to invite productive observations which benefit the industry.

  7. Sector partnerships, job apprenticeships, badges, job shadowing, competency based diplomas and industry certificates are powerful examples of personal experience and self-interest. These are examples of strong accountability. Unlike typical activity programs these focus on effort and earned competencies.

The Legislation

HB1165 Vision

HB1165 Mission

In partnership with its industry leaders, Colorado will: