Advanced Manufacturing

Additional Supportive Resources

HB1165 Advanced Manufacturing Legislation
Colorado business inventory of needed talent skill gaps, business and education design team of recommending strong courses and easy entry and exit ramps for workforce, sustained rebranding and job connections platform

Significant equipment infrastructure and professional development of programs

Math and Science Content Standards
Competitive math, science, STEM, 21st skills New high school diplomas based on competency and portfolio of applied accomplishments

Colorado Sector Partnerships

Individual Career and Academic Plans

21st Century Skills (Soft Skills)

Capstone Projects in P-12's Education System

How to Manage Work-Based Learning K-20
This is a comprehensive collection of ideas and tools for Colorado Business and Education Partners. Its purpose is to provide guidance for running Apprenticeships, Internships, Job Shadowing and other work experiences. The guide is designed to build Business Ready learners.

Industry Certificates

Community College and 4 year University System
Knowledge, research and skill preparation for the Advanced Manufacturing industry

Office of Economic Development and International Trade
Awarded significant resources to build Colorado’s first Advanced Industries Hub System

CO Workforce Development Council
Regional industry sector partnerships poised to implement business of manufacturing

College in Colorado
The most pervasive interest inventory and education program connecting service in the State

Comprehensive Economic Blueprint
Coherent, collaboratively supported economic state plan

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Asset Development
Leadership at policy, public and private institutions designed to provide talented and skilled Advanced Manufacturing workforce
Stem PPT and Colorado Legacy STEM Roadmap and Action Plan